Thank you so much for everything!  I am so happy with my smile!  And your staff is amazing-you are very lucky!  Every single one of your staff was kind, helpful and always smiling! - Kerisa M.

Thank you so much for everything. Tyler's teeth look great. Our experience with your whole office was wonderful. I will definitely be recommending you to everyone we know! Thank you for showing us what an orthodontic experience should be like! Best wishes to all of you! - Joanne K.

"Hold Your Nose and Jump"
Amazing and so glad I did it! As a 50-year-old woman the thought of having braces was overwhelming! I had braces as a child but as the years went on my teeth began to shift. It was apparent something had to be done. All four of my children had braces. I was very familiar with Dr. Cavallari and I was comfortable with his staff. After consulting with my dentist, periodontist and Dr. Cavallari we all agreed it was something I needed. So I held my nose and jumped. The next eleven months went by very quickly. And now after 11 short months I am a new person. My teeth are beautiful and I feel great!

Thank you Dr. Cavallari and Staff!!
Kathy D.

Thank you so much for my beautiful smile! Now when someone whips out their camera, I don't have to hide or offer to take the picture. I can just smile! I was so very nervous about braces but all you sweet gals and your good Dr. showed me a very pleasant experience each time I walked through your door and into your office. It is not only filled with wonderful decor but also a spectacular group of people! I want to list all the positives but I can't...there are too many! Everything was perfect, perfect, perfect! - Jen J.

As an adult, things like braces are literally terrifying (think spiders, IRS, clowns, the usual suspects) but, the team at Lockport Orthodontics was utterly amazing. They understood the experience and the journey an adult would go through both physically and emotionally and they were amazing throughout.

  1. Front end team is amazing!
  2. (+1 for coordinating a New Year's Eve appointment to have braces put on).

  3. For an emergency they locked in the appointment via e-mail within minutes.
  4. Cost-very reasonable and no extra fees!
  5. - Jim R.

Getting braces was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dr. Cavallari and the entire team at Lockport Orthodontics made my experience comfortable and enjoyable. Everyone is so nice and friendly that each appointment was a pleasure, starting with the initial consult, all the way through to the final retainer fitting. I would highly recommend Lockport Orthodontics to anyone even considering getting braces. Do It! It'll change your life for the better! Thank you to the entire office for everything!

Keep Smiling,
Matt B.

Dear Dr. Cavallari,
I wanted to take this time to thank you & your staff for the excellent experience I received. Everyone I dealt with were professionals. Your staff is very friendly & made me feel comfortable when I had my visits. I was a bit nervous when I first decided to have my braces installed. It's not every day a 54-year-old person makes that kind of decision. I'm very pleased with the outcome. I can, for the first time in a long time, smile & feel comfortable when I do. My friends & family tell me I have a very nice smile. So many times the hard work people do goes unnoticed. Many times we hear the negatives but not the positives. Please extend my gratitude to your staff.

Thanks again,
Joe M.

Dear Dr. Cavallari & Staff,
Thank you for your kindness and professionalism in your care of overseeing my braces! My experience was wonderful and I appreciate your excellence with your patients and the office environment! I love my smile!! Thank you also for the little perks. You are the best!

May God bless you all,
Jessie S.

Dr. Cavallari and Staff, I have been so pleased with the care my daughter and I have received. Even though I still have to wear an upper retainer (Ha! Ha!) I am thrilled with the appearance of my teeth! I will always recommend your office to family and friends.

Thanks again!
Carlene D.

To Dr. Cavallari and Staff, I wanted to thank you all for the excellent service I received when getting my orthodontic work done. I am so happy with the results! The staff there are wonderful and made the experience almost easy! I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know needing your service. Thank you so much!

Kara K.

Dr. Cavallari and Staff, I want to say thank you to everyone for a job well done and for the wonderful care I received the last one and a half years of my orthodontic treatment. Your attitude and professionalism goes above and beyond of what is expected. Your office is always prompt and always had a smile on their faces. Thank you again for the awesome care I received. It will sure seem weird not coming there monthly.

Sara P.

Dr. C and Staff, Thank you so much for your professionalism and compassion through Ella's orthodontic experience. You all have been amazing and wonderful! We are so lucky to have such a fine group in Lockport.

Lisa S.

I viewed my year in braces as something to be endured. Well, one year and many laughs later my braces are off. Dr. Cavallari and his entire staff made it a truly enjoyable journey. I highly recommend this pleasant, professional and skilled team. I couldn't be happier with the way my teeth look and won't hesitate to smile anymore! - Maureen D.

Thank you all for my beautiful new smile & for being so nice and friendly during all my visits. I would highly recommend you to anyone.

Betty H.

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